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Flow Specifications

0.5 - 10 Liters Per Minute

Oxygen Concentration

93% + for 2.5 LPM

82% + for 10 LPM

Power Consumption





≤ 45dB

Dimensions (L x B x H)

570 x 210 x 420 mm


14 kg

Alarm Functions

Low Oxygen

No Flow

Low Battery

No Power

High Temperature

SentOx requires an external compressor to provide pressurised air to the system.

External Compressor Requirements

Oil Free

Inlet Pressure: 5 ± 0.3 bar

>60 LPM Free Air Delivery


Download the SentOx brochure

World Health Organisation compliant

The SentOx is on its way to meeting the standards set out by the WHO regarding the "appropriate selection, procurement, utilization and maintenance of oxygen concentrators".

Control Panel

The control panel provides real-time information that users can easily understand and adjust. Readings include:

  • Oxygen Flow Rate

  • Oxygen Concentration

  • Unit Power Status

  • Unit Battery Level

  • Patient Alarm and Warnings

  • System Errors

Oxygen Concentration

Constant Flow

Alarms for Safety


Delivery of an oxygen concentration of more than 93% at a flow rate of 2.5 litres per minute, and more than 82% at a flow rate of 10 litres per minute.

Each SentOx Oxygen Concentrator is equipped with an audible and visual alarm system to ensure patient safety.

Delivery of constant oxygen flow rate for a range of 0 to 10 liters per minute.

What makes our product different:

Aluminum Supplier

It can be made in-country, cheaply and easily.

You can assemble and repair the SentOx with basic tools.


Very little upfront capital expenditure is needed to set up a manufacturing facility for SentOx devices (you don’t need specialized machines).

Construction Managers

Our business model of technology transfer is beneficial because it helps the people who are sick and desperately need oxygen and local economies by enabling them to support themselves better during this pandemic and afterwards.

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