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We want to help.

Covid-19 has overwhelmed healthcare systems worldwide. We’ve all seen the images of people clinging onto their lives in the crowded hospitals of the developed world. But, what about the developing world? Although we don’t hear much about them in mainstream media, they need our help more than ever! 


Sentient Bionics decided to do something about this in March 2020. In a massive philanthropic effort, the young and passionate team developed SentOx. Not only does it cost a fraction of conventional systems, but the SentOx Oxygen Concentrator is also rugged and incredibly portable - ideal for disaster management and the challenging medical environments of the developing world.  


In countries such as India, Indonesia and South Africa medical equipment is scarce, expensive and often inaccessible to the disadvantaged. Severe Covid-19 patients require medical grade oxygen to have a better chance of survival. The World Health Organisation (WHO) predicts that 32-million people will require oxygen therapy in the next 18 months. Many of these patients will be in the developing world, where conventional oxygen concentrators are far too expensive and more rudimentary methods such as oxygen storage tanks are utilised. The developing world is in desperate need of a better solution.

That is why the Sentient team has spent the last 18 months developing an oxygen concentrator machine aimed at helping the developing world's hospitals and clinics. It's called SentOx and it's designed to World Health Organisation specifications! To date, we've developed 10 fully functional SentOx units and have shipped off our first units to partners in Indonesia. 

Our aim is to save one million lives by distributing over 7000 SentOx units to people in need!

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The developing world will be battling Covid-19 for many years to come. Aside from Covid-19, SentOx will provide important oxygen therapy to patients suffering from chronic pneumonia, malaria, asthma and many other diseases.


We've fine-tuned the design of SentOx, have 10 functioning prototypes and are ready to start saving lives! We already sent our first units to South Africa and Indonesia.


Our focus is now with partners in South Africa and Indonesia to send units there and once they can be manufactured in-country, we will be able to distribute more to people in need.


In order to reach our goal of saving one million lives, we need to deploy over 7000 SentOx Oxygen Concentrators to the developing world in the next 18 months. You can be a partner in helping us save lives by donating directly or to our GoFundMe Campaign!


We are a registered Australian charity.